Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hello lovlies! On Thursday morning (8:45-9:15) we're doing a session on the Strawberry Alarm Clock on FM104 (for the Irish fans sorry -although I think you can hear it online at www.fm104.ie). Be warned, Mark's voice can take on a Joe Cocker dimension that early in the morning, there will be a performance of "Coming Home" and a cover song...the big O perhaps, Ronan Keating (!), Gene Pitney or Soft Cell? Tune in and find out. Oh, we almost forgot, the DJ dudes are actually very funny xx

Saturday, August 27, 2005

So it seems like we've been quiet (again) but far from it.... We're like little worker bees getting ready for the UK and Irish singles out this week coming. It's been hectic, but fun! In complete contrast we're dying to get on the road again. Why does time always seem to stop when you're waiting to play a gig? It's such sweet torture.... The Electric Picnic should be amazing. Festivals are always great fun and this seems to be the king of the summer festies. There are rumors of two CLEAN toilets per punter and free champagne and strawberries for everyone! (possibly slight exaggerations) Hell, as long as there's rock we'll be fine. The gigs in the UK in September are going to be amazing as well and we might have a few surprises... See you there?

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Here are some more of Sarah's award winning photographs..... the radio tour was great (despite a spot of travel sickness...) Now we're on our way home for some proper sleep!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

the terrifying spider from Bradford.....

Hello all, we're finishing up our regional radio tour at the moment.. For anyone who doesn't know what that means, think bad driving, too many sweets and some funny interviews.... luckily Sarah has her trusty camera to record all the embarrassing bits.... Some blurry photos of sessions, our radio chick Stacey and of course the Angel of the North.....
Mark has contined with his lovely GEE-TAR bit Sarah has left her bass in favour of a keyboard.... CONTROVERSIAL!!!!!! ( but uber-cool sounding....)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Hello all,
We know we've been a bit slow in updating our Blog, forgive us, we're not the most computer-minded of folks.... We've had a busy couple of weeks getting things ready for the single release! We can say with a modicum of confidence that the date is NOT going to change again for Coming Home!!
Right now, Mark and Sarah are gearing up for a radio show extravaganza. 10 cities in 72 hours... I think it'll be a new record!! Sarah is leaving the bass at home (eeeep!) and is taking up keyboard duties for the week...Mark will, of course, continue to display his vocal prowess (who wrote that?!) and do that strumming thing he does so......ahem, competently. Listen up at a station near you...
In more sombre news, we are preparing for the loss of Deco, our keyboard whiz, who's going back to play with his full time band. We knew we only had him for the summer but the time seemed to pass more quickly than we had anticipated. We had a nice lunch with him yesterday and he gave us these cool photos. Black and white adds a wee bit of panache to everything n'est pas?